We've got a selection of low-alcohol drinks, juices and sodas hand-picked for your refreshment, including a range of fruity favourites, such as J2O, Appletiser, Ribena Sparkling, Red Bull and Orangina. Enjoy Coca Cola served in the classic glass bottle or go for something completely different with our exciting new variety of Bottlegreen soft drinks including elderflower presse & ginger beer flavours.

You’ll love our new alcohol-free, low-cal speciality juices, created using premium cordials & juices. The Apple, Raspberry & Rose fusion has a blend of raspberries, crisp apples, a dash of fragrant rose, and is served over ice with a fresh strawberry garnish. Or, why not try the Strawberry & Cracked Black Pepper juice, which pairs flavours of sweet strawberry with a touch of fiery pepper, before being served over ice with a fresh strawberry garnish.

We also have some great non-alcoholic and gluten free versions of your favourites, such as the delightful Bees Knees 0% sparkling wine, Old Mout Berries & Cherries cider, gluten free Peroni, Becks Blue and the full-bodied St. Peter’s Without beer.

You can’t beat the strong aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and we’re serving up all your favourites. Enjoy an Americano, Cappuccino, Latte or even one of our Floater Coffees served with whipped cream.