The Gin Bar at The Preston in London

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the selection available in The Gin Bar at The Preston. Whether you like your pure classics, contemporary twists or aromatic infusions, we’re sure to have the perfect gin for you.

Try Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royal Gin – Tanqueray London Dry Gin infused with luxuriously-juicy French blackcurrants and vanilla notes. Or there’s Gordan’s White Peach, which carefully combines the subtle sweetness of white peach with the refreshing taste of Gordon’s, creating a deliciously elegant gin.

While Koppaberg’s Strawberry & Lime Gin is the perfect gin for a hot summer’s day – infused with botanicals of juniper, lemon zest and coriander, it expertly combines the sweet taste of strawberry with tangy lime for a refreshingly light drink.

Escape the everyday for The Gin Bar, now pouring summer-ready concoctions at The Preston.