FESTIVE BUFFET MENU 2020 AT The Bramley Cottage

Our Festive Buffet Menu was created to keep your nearest and dearest happy without slowing down the seasonal festivities!

You’ll find a selection of quality treats waiting on our festive buffet for £11.99 per person, including Yellowfin Sole Goujons, Honey and Bourbon Coated Chicken Wings’ Breaded Brie Wedges and so much more, all available from 16th November 2020.

Explore the full menu below and book your unforgettable festivities at The Bramley Cottage.

We understand that not all ingredients are suitable for everyone, so if you have any allergies please check out our allergen & dietary information below — this will open in a new window.
Please note that some of the listed dishes may not be available in all sites. Please ensure that you refer to the onsite allergen guide before each visit, just to check that nothing has changed.