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It's Always Summer with Cider!

Come and join us this summer!

This year we're celebrating all things cider; from new ciders, to special offers and cider competitions!

Come and be a part of our Buy 4 get 1 Free offer, make your own cider competition sponsored by Westons and lots of other cider themed festivities! 

We can't wait to see you there...

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Henry Weston began cider making at the family farm in Herefordshire back in 1880. Generations later and the land and production continues to this day, with fourth-generation family member Helen Thomas proudly continuing the family tradition. Remaining independent is what makes them special and unique, allowing Westons to make ciders true to character and matured for flavour. It’s evident for all to see that Henry’s cidermaking skills have been passed down the generations, with the craftmanship reflected in the authenticity and quality of their ciders.

Producing over 30 different ciders & perries 

Our wide range of ciders and perries from cloudy scrumpy through to organic, sparkling vintage, is constantly subject to strict quality control and a policy of innovation keeps us ahead of the competitive cider market. Based at the original farm 'The Bounds', Westons Cider employs more than 200 people, produces over 30 different ciders and perries and has a turnover of over £58 Million.

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Your Tasting Notes

Here are three delicious ciders Westons Cider produce at their Cider Mill in Herefordshire and are available at your local Ember Inns. 

Stowford Press 
Style: Medium-dry cider, ABV 4.5%
Smell notes: A cidery, cider fruit aroma, developed during the slow maturation period.
Tasting notes: A refreshing medium-dry sparkling cider that is bursting with the delicious flavour of crisp cider apples. 

Old Rosie 
Style: Cloudy cider, ABV 7.3%
Smell notes: Classic ‘scrumpy’ aroma, with scents of bittersweet apples, hay barns and honey.
Tasting notes: A balance of sweetness and acidity, to complement the bitterness of traditional cider apples. 

Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre Rhubarb Cider 
Style: Cloudy sparkling cider with Rhubarb, ABV 4%
Smell notes: Complex with distinctive rhubarb hint.
Tasting notes: Satisfyingly complex, slightly astringent with a hint of citrus and a tart finish.


H.P. ‘Percy’ Bulmer was just 20 when he pressed the first drop of Bulmers cider in 1887. He used apples from the orchard of his father’s rectory in Hereford, and history was made. Bulmers built their first factory just a year later, and in 1905 they made a leap forward with the appointment of Dr Herbert Durham who pioneered modern cider-making processes that are still used today.

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Your tasting notes

At Ember Inns we serve the original Bulmers cider, perfectly poured over ice.

Bulmers Original Apple

Style: Medium-dry cider, ABV 4.5%

Tasting notes: A combination of softer culinary apples and sharper bittersweet apples provides a cider rich in depth and character, perfect for drinking any time.